Deaiville's villa

     PAYS D'AUGE     

Focus on Normandy's ancient architectures and lifestyle.


Sea side town since 1860, created by the half brother of Napoleon 3rd, Deauville became one of the most famous resort towns of Normandy where visitors came to experience the fancy life and enjoy the shops, horse racing or relaxing on terrasses around Morny square.


The little sister of Deauville, Trouville seems less fancy and more traditional, with its fish and seafood market where local and visitors always stop for a tasting.


Fishing port from the 11th century, Honfleur impresses with it’s sailing port and half timbered houses. Many times depicted by artists like Monet, Boudin... Honfleur is one of the only towns of Normandy that wasn't bombed during WW2.

From 310 € to 450 €

PICK UP : CAEN, BAYEUX, CARENTAN (hotels or train stations)

- 450  full day tour (8/9 hours) guide + vehicle up to 6 people

- 310 € full day tour (8/9 hours) customer's vehicle